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Huida, for China, for the world.

In 1914the Belgian businessman produced the first sanitary ware for China here.Since then Tangshan has embarked on a journey to be the City of Sanitary Ware.In 1982 Huida was born right here.Over the past 30 years, it has moved beyond from a producer of ceramic sanitary ware to one that focuses on intelligent bathroom accessories, hardware and furniture; bathtubs and bath rooms.
Its business also has expanded to include ceramic floor tiles, timber doors, and kitchen hardware.
Its fixed assets have grown from 280,000 yuan to 1.7 billion yuan, and the number of employees from 65 to nearly 10,000. It produces more than 10 million units each year, most of which can be found in 120 countries. That is part of the miracle at Huida.

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Company Profile

Another factor contributing to Huida’s success is its strong design capacity. Backed by its product design centers in Shanghai and Beijing, Huida has forged strategic cooperation with top design teams in Italy and Japan. It is focused on designing products that are smart, green, and wholesome and fashionable to meet growing customer demand. By combing eastern and western elements and leading-edge technologies, it offers full-service products for global consumers. So far Huida has obtained Red Dot, A‘Design, and Red Star and many other prestigious design awards. Also, with the first-of-its-kind PhD station in the industry, Huida has innovation-driven R&D teams. They upgrade processes, adopt green materials and optimize product lines. The end result is to offer better quality and greener sanitary ware for customers.

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  • Smart Toilet 智能座便
  • Toilet座便
  • Basin陶瓷盆
  • Bidet妇洗
  • Urinal小便器
  • Other products其他陶瓷
  • Faucet龙头
  • Bathroom accessories五金小件
  • Bathroom cabinet浴室柜

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